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    How to get Passes/Equus


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    How to get Passes/Equus

    Post by LinkNightWolf on Sat May 02, 2009 12:22 pm

    Submitted by: NimbleFoot

    -New Breeders (less than 2 Karma)_
    Don't use BM(Black Market)Items on your first horse/s as they will have low GP and skills.
    Save Equus and Passes and wait until you can access the Private Sales.
    Sell dung and extra apples.
    Train your horses as much as possible.

    -Average Breeders (3-5 Karma)_
    OK now you can access Private Sales use the passes and Equus you have saved and buy the top
    GP best mare and/or stallion you can find.
    Breed with the highest GP studs using only 100 BLUP parents and ALWAYS breed with tears.Sell
    your foals for equus and passes.Train your mares and studs to 100 BLUP fully bolded skills
    and sell for passes and Equus.

    -Older Breeders (5+ Karma)-
    You should be pretty good at breeding by now so you should have a few passes and lots of
    Equus to use.Get a breeding partner as this will make life easier.Decide on a breed and
    concentrate on breeding the top GP and skills for that breed.Again use only 100 BLUP parents
    and tears when breeding and either selll foals for 1-5 passes or train and skill them as
    mares/studs for 3-10 passes and equus.

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