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    Unicowrn breeding


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    Unicowrn breeding

    Post by LinkNightWolf on Sat May 02, 2009 12:30 pm

    To be sure that you have a 1/6 of a chance to recieve a uni you must do the following things correctly....

    -make sure the unis are both of the same breed, as you cannot get a crossbred unicowrn

    -breed at 6:23GTM time am or pm

    Before you consider breeding uni's you should probably ensure you are well prepared....

    Unis are so expensive becuase they cost a great deal to breed....uni breeders pay service fees over and over again, most of the time the recieve disapointing news on the foal....Quality uni breeders will put tears and a wand on a mare before each breed, imagine doing this 6 times and only getting a successful birth once.....this is 2 uni foals out of 12.....by the end you've spent 12 passes to breed your mare 6 times and on average you'll only get 1 successful breed out of 6. Soo.... if uni breeders sold these 2 foals for a pass each they would have lost 10 passes! This is why breeders of any breed uni or not often dont accept no passses on a foal....its not that their being unfair at all....so next time you go to ask to buy someones foal thats listed for passes, remember they have spent a lot of passes and equues to breed them....so if they so NO....they are hardly being unfair.

    Adopted from: http://www.freewebs.com/tynnii-howrse-help/unicowrnbreeding.htm

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