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    The BLUP...


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    The BLUP...

    Post by LinkNightWolf on Sun May 03, 2009 7:15 pm

    the BLUP can be seen on the horse's page, in the Genetics chart, but only if you have passed Riding Level 4 !

    BLUP is a reference for reproduction.
    It means : Best Linear Unbiased Prediction
    The parents’ BLUP influences the genetic potential (GP) of a foal at its birth.

    BLUP will always be between – 100 and 100

    A foal is born with a BLUP = -100, then BLUP can raise to 100

    How is BLUP calculated ?

    there are 200 points to dispatch :
    20 % for age = 40 points
    65 % for training level = 130 points
    15 % for number of victories = 30 points

    Age = BLUP can only reach 100 when horse is 10 years old

    Training level = having fully raised the 3 best skills by rides, trainings and competitions (until GP has been reached) show them in bold type

    Victory = being first in a competition no matter the distance, the length or the difficulty of the competition - Ideal is 20 victories.

    BLUP gain with aging

    when your horse ages 1 month, BLUP = + 0.33333

    when your horse ages 2 months, BLUP = + 0.66666

    (max gain is 40 when horse reaches 10 years)

    BLUP gain with competitions

    when your horse wins 1 competition, BLUP = + 1.5

    (max gain is 30, for 20 competitions victories)

    Parents BLUP influence on the foal's GP

    Choose parents who have a high BLUP

    the BLUP influences the chance to have a best GP for the foal than the parents GP average.

    To have the best foal as possible, it is preferable to select for parents the horses with a high, or at least a positive, BLUP.

    Father's BLUP = 90
    Mother's BLUP = - 57

    Parents BLUP average = (90 - 57) / 2 = -16.5
    less than 0 => bad influence on Foal's GP

    Father's BLUP = 100
    Mother's BLUP = 100

    Parents BLUP average = (100 + 100) / 2 = 100
    => more than 0 and max => best influence on Foal's GP
    Parents BLUP influence on the foal's Inborn Skills
    A horse, just born, may have already Skills (coming from his parents),
    they are called Inborn Skills, or Innate Skills (I.S.)

    I.S. is more or less 10% of the parents GP average.

    If the parents BLUP average is positive, the foal will have I.S. at his birth.

    If the parents BLUP reaches 100, the foal will have max I.S..

    If the parents BLUP average is negative, the foal won't have any I.S..

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