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    How to Breed Horses on Howrse


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    How to Breed Horses on Howrse

    Post by LinkNightWolf on Mon May 04, 2009 4:50 pm

    1. If you want to breed greenstars, the most affective way is to breed two greenstars together. A "greenstar" is a horse with 100+ in one skill (Dressage, Speed, Stamina, etc) or more.
    2. Click on "excellence" to see if a horse is a greenstar or not. If the horse doesn't have "excellence" on its page, it isn't one.
    3. If you want your ranking to go up, save up your passes and buy a black pearl (black pearls are items that you can scan onto your computer they are 4 passes) watch your ranking go up!
    4. Try to breed a rare breed. Including: Purebred Spanish Horses, Irish Hunters, Chincoteague Ponies, etc. Any breed is fine.
    5. Make your best stud immortal. He can cover even more mares than before.
    6. Train your Stud a lot. When he is a foal (eight months), play with it so he can achieve more BLUP(Best Linear Unbiased Prediction). Then when it is two years old, start training! Some foals come with inborn skills so it will be easier to train.
    7. Edit your page. People with pages attract more viewers.
    8. Get a breeding partner. Find a breeding partner who breeds the same breed so you can let each other know when your mare is about to foal etc.
    9. Keep the rare colors. In studs, the rarest colors cover the most mares.
    10. Collect aging points. People appear in the rankings when they have a lot of aging points.
    11. Get an Equestrian center. If you have an equestrian center, a good one, your ranking will go up.

    Try to keep a maximum of 5 horses on your farm.


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    How to Breed Horses on Howrse reviews

    Post by Lauvale93 on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:39 am

    Howrse is also known to some as Equideow. Equideow is the original version of the site, completely in French. It then was translated into English as Howrse, and earlier this year translated into German as well, but still keeping the name Howrse. The site is growing rapidly with 1,797,000 members on the English server, 330,900 members on the German server, and 2,658,000 users on the French server.

    My first impression of Howrse is that I am completely in love with the layout. Not only is everything well-organized and easy to find, but the layout is also artistically well done. I also really like the fact that there are very few large blocks of open space, and even those pages that do have open space have a nice background.

    The artwork of Howrse is fairly well done, though it could use some improvement. The main reason I feel I need to criticize the art is because they use the same image with the Thoroughbred, Arabian, and the Irish Hunter. The horses and ponies come in many different colors ranging from strawberry roan to palomino piebald, with each coat coloring only being used on the horses that actually have that coat real life. Horses and ponies also have two different images for the stages in their life; foal and adult.

    Probably one of the main reasons so many people are attracted to Howrse is the ability to create your own horses for the site. With purchasing passes (the sites form of donations) you can you buy an object called the Black Pearl. This gives you the ability to create your very own coat for your use, and use by other members of the site. Your passes do not go to waste however, other users have the option of using that coat on their horse, which gives the original horse creator one pass per horse turned that coat.

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