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    so im here, now what



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    so im here, now what

    Post by catfish on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:49 am

    this looks fun. im mina or sam, whichevr, i like howrse. i buy and breed anything that comes my way that i happen to like on the game. i have nevr had a uni or a divine/special whatev even though i try to get them :/
    im hionlife on the game, and if any1 adds me i usually accept them unless they have something about selling pot on their page lol;)
    i have 4 real horses and i love to ride western doing lots of different stuff. i have 2 tb's, an arab, and a mini, and i also have a farm but there r so many animals and im too lazy to type about all of them.
    i live in ocala fl and its awsome here.
    dont ask me for stuff because im naturally over-generous, lol can u believe it.
    im 5'4" and 120 lbs. that doesnt matter anyway, but thats y im putting it here.if ur my friend on howrse, feel free to say hakuna matata and ill send u a gift like a companian/bmi or something lol
    oh yeah and i like cheesecake i cant believe i almost 4got 2 say that lol.
    pigs r awsome, im going to train one of mine to run barrels.
    i like random things, especially if they make me laugh, and chances r if u have 1 no ur page ull get a pm or friend request bcuz of it.
    i luv evrything.

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